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Curing Ovens


The latest addition to the Bayco lineup, our Bayco CB & C2B Curing Oven Series offers the same quality and robustness as our Bayco Heat Cleaning Ovens - giving you more of a Bayco advantage!

Our most common curing oven applications are found in the following industries: 

  • paint & powder coating

  • automotive remanufacturing

  • electric motor rewinding

Bayco Curing Oven

Industrial curing ovens are known by various names in different industries, sometimes referred to as baking ovens or even dryers. They are used for a variety of applications involving coatings, adhesives, rubber, and thermoset plastics and composites. We find our most uses are in the plastic and polymer industry, electric motor rewinding industry, paint & powder coating industry, precious metal reclaim industry and the automotive remanufacturing industry.

Bayco offers a selection of ovens that are ideal for curing applications. If your process requires a custom solution, we can work with you to create a configuration that suits your specific needs.

All Bayco curing ovens come with a cart designed to fold out of the way to close and seal the oven door / chamber.

Standard Oven

Model Features

  • Built with 12GA steel, with internal walls and ducting made of 16GA stainless steel.

  • Designed for gas or propane hookups.

  • Burners and blowers are mounted on the rear wall of the smaller design and the larger designs have their own heater box design.

  • Full adjustments on all heavy duty components, including fresh air intake and exhaust as well as the process chamber.

  • Programmable process controller allows for multistage ramps and soaks.

  • High temperature controller provides redundant safety to shut down oven if required.

  • All Bayco curing ovens come with a cart designed to fold out of the way to close and seal the oven door / chamber. 

Please refer to our Bayco Catalog for more information.


BAYCO by Guspro ovens meet EPA (USA) and MOE (Canada) air approval standards for emissions.


The propane / gas burner is equipped with an integral blower with a continuous pilot, automatic spark ignition and high/low modulation. The electronic manual reset flame safety system includes pre purge timing, air flow proving, non-recycling 4 second proof of pilot and a 0.8 second shutdown after flame failure.




A programmable controller automatically controls the oven throughout the full cycle without operator attendance. Once load is complete the process controller will automatically shutdown the entire oven.

Hot air circulates through the system at a rate which guarantees a regular rotation of air volume per minute. Balanced horizontal and vertical airflow assures uniformity in the process. 

High velocity air delivered via the side ports break through boundary layer air, driving heat into and through the load. this provides minimum time to bring the load to temperature, providing faster production cycles while reducing energy usage.

Download our catalogue.

Guspro CB Series Specifications

Click on "CB Series" or "C2B Series" for sales prints!

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