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Bayco Oven Diagram

Curing oven cross sectional view

Bayco Oven Diagram

Curing oven air flow diagram of smaller oven design, front view

New to the Bayco lineup, our Bayco CB & C2B Curing Oven Series offers the same quality and robustness as our Bayco Heat Cleaning Ovens - giving you more of a Bayco advantage!

How it works

High volume air and heat is evenly distributed through ducting and is recirculated across the oven load in order to meet the unique temperature requirements specific to each application’s industry product standard.

Oven Structure

  • Oven exterior is 12 gauge steel, with internal walls and ducting made of 16 gauge stainless steel.

  • Doors are equipped with safety type explosion door lock system

  • The oven itself has pop-up explosion lids designed to pop under pressure ahead of the door lock explosion system

  • The walls are insulated with 3" of 1200 deg F rated mineral wool insulation encased between the inner and outer steel wall

  • The exterior is painted industrial green, interior is coated in mastic

  • C2B door completely sealed to eliminate odours through cart tracks

Contact us today!

Our Sales Team members are ready to assist you with your heat cleaning and curing needs! Please feel free to contact your local sales representative directly or send us an email.

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