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Custom Ovens

Bayco Custom Oven



Precious Metal Reclaim


10 Hour Cycle in Our Oven


Matalco (Ohio, USA)


BB180180132 Custom Oven


Bayco sells solutions! As manufacturers of World-Class Heat Cleaning Solutions, we can engineer and build any custom oven to your exact specifications. Heavy duty applications, conveyor systems, alternative fuels etc. Let us help!” 

Including a custom 2200 Degree Fahrenheit, 2-second retention time oxidizer.

2,000,000 BTU/hr burner input in the process chamber.

2,000,000 BTU/hr burner input in oxidizer.


Custom bail holders to load 8 aluminum bails per load.

*Load is processed in a 10 hour cycle*

Bail Size (66" W x 48" D x 40" H)

Bail Weight (1500 lbs / Bail)

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Structure, Safety, Benefits

Bayco Oven Diagram
Bayco Oven Diagram


Heat Cleaning is a safer and more cost effective clean­ing process compared to using abrasive media or harsh solvents. Get rid of the added costs and liability associat­ed with hazardous waste disposal.


Heavy-duty design includes large capacity afterburner and self-supporting stack. Requires no rain cap.

Built with 12 gauge hot rolled steel, 2”x3” steel tubing and ¼”x 3” flat bar framing with 4 layers of protection.


Heat Cleaning does not allow any direct flame impinge­ment with the product. Heat flows evenly throughout the load to bring the product to temperature. Temperatures are accurately controlled to prevent over-heating using Microprocessor-based digital control­lers and redundant over-temperature safeties. Heat rises naturally: our bottom firebox design ensures even heat distribution throughout the load and an efficient cleaning process.

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