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Armature Ovens

The Guspro Model BB-45A Armature Stripping Oven follows the proven two burner designs of Guspro's heavy duty "BB" series ovens. Armature windings are heat stripped without removal or damage of the commutator.

The BB-45A has a single swing door and electrically operated roof opening lid for fast, safe vertical loading with the commutator in the down position. A stator grid is included for alternative use in batch heat cleaning stators.

The commutator is protected from heat and kept below 212oF in the lower water cooled chamber.

Bayco Armature Oven



Emergency jobs can be processed quickly.
Controlled burnout and commutator cooling protects parts.
Cycle times of 2 to 4 hours minimize job turnaround. Labour is minimized, fuel conserved, and profits increased.


BAYCO by Guspro ovens meet EPA (USA) and MOE (Canada) air approval standards for emissions.


Fuel is conserved with the two burner design, as the process chamber benefits from the radiant heat of the oxidizer chamber. The well-insulated primary chamber requires little fuel from its burner after reaching temperature.

The adjustable commutator support plate and adjustable upper shaft support frame permits fast setup and easy one-man loading of small or large armatures. Water level control is included for precise adjustment of the commutator cool zone.

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