Curing Ovens

New to the Bayco lineup, our Bayco CB & C2B Curing Oven Series offers the same quality and robustness as our Bayco Heat Cleaning Ovens - giving you more of a Bayco advantage!


Standard Oven

Model Features

  • Built with 12GA steel, with internal walls and ducting made of 16GA stainless steel,

  • Designed for gas or propane hookups,

  • Burners and blowers are mounted on the rear wall of the smaller design and the larger designs have their own heater box design,

  • Full adjustments on all heavy duty components, including fresh air intake and exhaust as well as the process chamber,

  • Programmable process controller,

  • High temperature controller,

  • Oven cart, and more. 

Please refer to our Bayco Catalog for more information.


BAYCO by Guspro ovens meet EPS (USA) and Ministry (Canada) air approval standards for emissions.


A programmable controller automatically controls the oven throughout the full cycle without operator attendance. Once load is complete the process controller will automatically shutdown the entire oven.

The adjustable commutator support plate and adjustable upper shaft support frame permits fast setup and easy one-man loading of small or large armatures. Water level control is included for percise adjustment of the commutator cool zone.

Please refer to our catalogue for more information.


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Structure, Safety, Benefits

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Heat Cleaning is a safer and more cost effective clean­ing process compared to using abrasive media or harsh solvents. Get rid of the added costs and liability associat­ed with hazardous waste disposal.


Heavy-duty design includes large capacity afterburner and self-supporting stack. Requires no rain cap.

Built with 12 gauge hot rolled steel, 2”x3” steel tubing and ¼”x 3” flat bar framing with 4 layers of protection.


Heat Cleaning does not allow any direct flame impinge­ment with the product. Heat flows evenly throughout the load to bring the product to temperature. Temperatures are accurately controlled to prevent over-heating using Microprocessor-based digital control­lers and redundant over-temperature safeties. Heat rises naturally: our bottom firebox design ensures even heat distribution throughout the load and an efficient cleaning process.